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Padded Waltz is a Progressive Art-Pop band that performs predominantly original music. With Jess Breite's captivating vocals at the helm, and a talented trio of musicians by her side, Padded Waltz will transport you to a world of their own making.


Picture a musical fever dream, where influences like The Beatles, David Byrne, Radiohead, and Beck all come together in a pretty shiny wicker box of melody and harmony. That's Padded Waltz in a nutshell, a band that takes the familiar and turns it upside down, creating a sound that's both familiar and entirely new.


With Drake Descant on piano, Josh Hirst on bass, and Ian Haas on drums, Padded Waltz is a musical powerhouse that brings high energy and excitement to every performance.. Whether it's a haunting ballad or an upbeat circus jam, this band delivers every song with everything they’ve got. Padded Waltz will leave you feeling like you've stumbled into someone else's dream and may never be able to leave.


About Padded Waltz:

Things that Padded Waltz are not:


Things that Padded Waltz are:
Humans (mostly)
In the Past Typing This
Not Dry

Things you will say at a Padded Waltz show:
"Did they say Padded Walls?"
"They promised us cake. Where's the cake?"
"I think I like this."
"Does anyone know where the cake is?"

Things Padded Waltz are supposed to say:
"We are a progressive art-pop band."
"Our influences are The Beatles, Radiohead, David Byrne and Beck. (And like a million others.)"
"Sorry about not bringing cake."


Deep inside the pads on your favorite walls resides the inspiration of the music of Padded Waltz, featuring Drake Descant, Josh Hirst, Ian Hass, Jess Breite.
They make music for you to listen to and wonder about when now exactly is.
Heavy Ocean Haiku Slam Sauce with the Added Benefit of Post Modern Skateboards.
In short: Voice. Piano. Bass. Drums. Thoughts. Sounds. Feelings. Balloons.

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