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Hailing from Western Massachusetts, Padded Waltz established their musical roots in the summer of 2020. Led by Drake Descant, previously known for his time spent touring up and down the east coast with Primate Fiasco, and accompanied by fellow songwriter/singer Jess Breite, they collaborated to produce a collection of songs that defined their unique sound. Completing the lineup with 2 incredibly talented friends and musicians - Ian Hass on drums and Josh Hirst on bass, Padded Waltz has embarked on an ongoing journey of crafting music, building their stage shows, and preparing for their upcoming album. Inspired by their collective musical and life experiences, this synergistic foursome embraces the genre of "Art Pop", and simultaneously looks to stretch its capabilities. Whether it's an infectious offbeat groove that sparks uncontainable joy, an introspective ballad that pierces the soul, or a deceptively catchy pop gem with a twist, Padded Waltz invites you to immerse yourself in their musical universe - one where you might find yourself as happily lost in as they are. 

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